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Dr. Joseph Gatewood Portrait by Olivia Gatewood at H@G

The next time you visit The House at Gatewood for a delicious southern meal, be sure to see the portrait of Dr. Joseph Gatewood, the previous owner (and revered dentist) of the Gatewood estate who lived at this location for 30 years. Dr. Gatewood's name and many great stories about him and his dedication to the Hillsborough community have been associated with the property ever since and why we kept his name for the restaurant.

The portrait of Dr. Gatewood is in our main dining room above the fireplace, and was painted by local artist Olivia Gatewood, Dr. Gatewood's sister!

Dr. Joseph Gatewood had a special affinity for the dental care of the underprivileged, especially children. He received numerous certifications of acknowledgment for his work with children, including the Department of Health and Human Services for Children and Families, and GlaxoSmithKline. Artist Olivia Gatewood is a North Carolina native with a vibrant passion for life and simplistic beauty. Her paintings have been presented in national exhibits and have won numerous awards. She was honored by Governor Roy Cooper and the NC African American Heritage Commission for her contribution to the arts in NC. Olivia's amazing work can be found in many personal collections including that of Oprah Winfrey. See more of Ms. Gatewood's art and learn about her on her website:

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