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H@G Family Style Takeout for the Week of 4/7-4/11

H@G is continuing the curbside pickup of our family style takeout menu. Pick up is from 3PM - 7PM Tuesday - Saturday.

This week, H@G is serving daily specials in addition to our full family style takeout menu. Bottles of wine are 1/2 off w/ takeout orders!


Meal for 4 - Pan Roasted Shrimp with Butternut Squash, Toasted Pecans & Brown Butter, tossed w/ Fresh Fettuccine, Grated Parmesan and Aged Balsamic - $46


Pork and Vegetable Stir Fried Rice w/ Fresh Ginger, Tamari, and Eggs - $26 (the fried rice is a large side dish or a generous meal)

Appetizer - Corn Dusted Calamari w/ Remoulade and Chimichurri sauces - $13